Jos + Eby in Amsterdam!

MCA leads the way whether on a plane, in a taxi, a boat, a train or a bicycle. 

Jos Weesjes showing Kathy Eby how it is done in Amsterdam.....even on his own bike



"The best part of our job with MCA is living the life of excitement with our clients".  Capitol Auto Group realized years ago that buying a car is not just a transaction - it is an emotional connection to one's life.  An emotional connection to driving a car that takes you on a journey of a vacation or a safe ride to work.  Here is a snapshot of life at Capitol Auto Group with some of their leaders Alex and Matthew and trainer Kathy Eby. 

This photo shows why it is a fun and enjoyable experience when you buy a car on the first day of summer at Capitol Auto Group with Kristine, Matthew, Alex and Billy!

Congrats Cindy!

Congratulations to Cindy for being the recipient of the IACC Pyramid Award for Excellence!