Engaged - WOW, My Own Daughter! | By Cindy Novotny

Cindy is featured today on The Bridal Circle's website!


Here are just a few of her many tips of advice on how to make it the best day ever:

So here are some steps to focus on that will help everyone (including the wedding planner) enjoy a beautiful wedding:

1. Stop thinking the wedding should match a movie.  There are so many beautiful lines out there from really romantic movies that sometimes everyone tries to relive the ‘tagline.’  Be your own person and plan a wedding (or help the bride plan the wedding) to meet her dreams and not Hollywood’s.

2. Don’t copy your best friend’s wedding.  This is your day.  Sure, look at Pinterest and create your dream board but don’t just copy what everyone else is doing.  Everyone follows the trends to the point that all weddings look alike for each season – the fall wedding trends – so everyone does the same thing.  Maybe you want to be the Fruit Loop in the bowl of Cheerios!

3. Remember you should be marrying your best friend.  Is this the person who you share all your ideas with?  If so, don’t exclude them from the wedding just because you are the bride.  This is their day too.  If I hear it once I hear it a thousand times – it is all about the bride.  Well without the ‘happy’ groom there will be no bride!