Welcome, Cassie!

MCA continues to promote our values of ‘living with no balance and loving it.’  True to MCA fashion, we always encourage our team to involve their families with our business since we spend so much time on the road.  So here we introduce you to our newest member of the MCA traveling team.  Cassandra (Cassie) is only a few weeks old in these pictures as she enters the world of ‘road warrior.’  Stefanie Anding and her husband Chad welcomed this beautiful baby girl to our world only 2 months ago. Again, in true MCA style Stefanie didn’t let giving birth get in her way of talking business.  The day after she delivered Cassie, Dr. Rafael Llanso was visiting Stefanie in the hospital and Stefanie began to discuss our patient service training that we have done in the medical field.  He said, “well when you come into my office in a few weeks we can talk about this.”  With that, she leaned over to her nightstand and pulled out a business card!  We never stop selling!

stef chad cin cassie stef dr cassie