A Special Note from Teresa Burr

A message from our very own Teresa Burr…. Passion is one of those words you hear a lot, and sadly, probably relate quickly to something like sex!

Recently I've had the opportunity to really contemplate how important it is to be passionate about your whole life, of which my work at Master Connection Associates is such a key component. The magnitude of passion and the difference it can make in a life is overwhelming!

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Appendix cancer (yes, there is such a thing - leave it to me to find the most obscure cancer possible). Of course I did some treatment to try and delay the inevitable, but it's still inevitable.

Due to the health issues, I've been unable to work a great deal over the past year and now its time to retire. Although no one would ever wish for the health issues, I'm quite certain that the idea of early retirement would be very appealing to most. I constantly hear people talk wistfully about retiring or counting down the years until they can. Quite frankly I just don't get that. I, on the other hand have always said I never wanted to retire. I LOVED my job! I LOVED having a reason to get out of bed in the morning! I LOVED being crazy busy and even LOVED being so stressed out from being so crazy busy! I truly believe when you love your job, you love the rest of your life that much more. It transcends.

This is not just happenstance. When I was young, I had an office job in an aircraft factory where I was paid well above my competencies (I was a HORRIBLE admin!) and enjoyed great benefits and easy hours. I quit that job to take a job in retail sales with horrible pay, horrible benefits and horrible hours. But it looked like fun and it required creativity. My father never quite got over that one! Even at that young age, I somehow understood how important it was to be excited to go to work every day so throughout my life I refused to settle for anything less.

So I ask you, if you were told you could no longer work, would you be doing a happy dance or mourning the loss of your ability to work? If a happy dance is your answer, do not waste one second and go find the job where your personal passion lies.

To all my wonderfully supportive clients and most amazing co-workers - thank you for the best 15+ years one could ever imagine! I take with me the most incredible memories of everyone!

IMG_0344 teresa and eby riyadh 2012