A Picture of Success!

Here is an inspirational note sent to one of our trainers Stacey Geyer, from a participant in one of her workshops:

Hello Stacey,

I would like to share this with you.

Thanks for your guidance this week. Your knowledge and experience is a great asset to our company and everyone that has the opportunity to learn what you have to share. I share this picture with you as this last weekend was a 1st in two ways. First of all, my 2nd grandson turned 1 on Saturday and my son accomplished something that I never would have dreamed he would. He is a financial advisor at a financial institution Omaha.

About a year ago in Feb., Jared, my first son (28) and father of 2, challenged me to a weight loss duel (I lost and had to take to a Nebraska game) . To make a long story short we started in Feb. 2013. I had became a new mgr. for Holiday Inn Express, Ogallala, NE, in Jan. and inherited a challenging property to say the least. Jared began jogging and eventually lost 100 lbs. within the last year. By Memorial day of 2013 he was able to run a 5K run and finished respectably (top 10). He was never a great athlete, but he continued to work on his goals. By March of this year he was able to run 20 miles. On Sunday, 5/4, he ran the Lincoln, Nebraska, National Guard Marathon, 26.3 miles. As his dad, my wife Lynda (a 5th grade teacher of 36 years) and I watched him arrive at the entrance of the University of Nebraska Memorial Stadium to finish the race at 4 hours 18 minutes. He was hoping for 3:40. It was the proudest moment of my life to see him battle through the challenges that he never expected he would face. The day before was a beautiful calm day in the 70's. On this day the wind was blowing 30 miles per hour and was quite cool. He battled through this and a very challenging uphill finish to the stadium the last 6 miles. Although a challenge for the first time doing this he did it. I thought about this challenge vs what we challenge as sales professionals and realized that it is much the same. Conditions are never the same, but with your guidance and this sales workshop, we can consistently prepare for whatever conditions we face. Although Jared was disappointed that he didn't finish with a better time I have encouraged him and tell him that the experience of finishing will be a building block to doing better next time (if he has the desire to do so). He has done something that very few people have accomplished.

Good Luck and best wishes to you as a great educator to the many persons you have the opportunity to touch and inspire,