Miki Mitrovich Hikes the Great Wall

Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall of China: Do you have a spare day in Beijing and need something amazing to do. Try a hike on the Great Wall — it is a terrific experience that is a must do!

I chose Mutianyu Section from the mid-6th century. It is very well preserved with amazing watchtowers and sweeping mountainous views on both sides. Go early in the morning to bypass the rush of people that descend on all sections of the Great Wall by afternoon.

I recommend going with a good guide so you can get the full historical impact — the major wars, the dynasties, the reconstruction and of course, fabulous anecdotes like Ming dynasty troops requesting help by setting beacon fires from their watchtower. The signal fire would spread from tower to tower along the wall over a thousand miles. I could not help wondering how long it was before troop reinforcements actually came, but I think the concept of time was different in the 6th century!

Enjoy the pics, and make a day for the Great Wall on your next trip to Beijing!! Miki Mitrovich

IMG_7076 IMG_7090 IMG_7105