Pictures from the HSMAI OC event yesterday at the White House Restaurant in Anaheim.

Visit Cindy's YouTube channel for a video recap of her speech and see Vicki Gunvalson accept her award!


"I had the pleasure of meeting you yesterday at the HSMAI meeting. I know you met a variety of different people and saw many faces yesterday but I wanted to let you know I was positively impacted by your presentation.  I found you to be extremely motivating and inspirational, something that I do not always experience as often as I hope in the sales world. You speak with such confidence and have such a lovely ability to capture the attention of a room; you have sparked a fire within me to strive for as much success as you have achieved. Thank you for your honesty and passion you shared yesterday, I truly enjoyed meeting you and I hope our paths can cross again!"

-With feedback like this, you can tell it is a speech you will want to hear!


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