MCA + Eby: Flying Fast + High

Eby attended the European Airshow Council Conference in Antwerp Belgium this past weekend where over 26 countries were represented!  One of the most dynamic and passionate air show industry people we know is Yves Rossy, "Jet Man".  You can view him by Googling "Jetman Dubai" but he flies with a Jet on his back!  Unbelievable! He is the newest innovation in aviation.  The photo below is of Jet Man Yves Rossy (in the business suit) along with Eby and others.



At the conference, Eby also attended a Social Media session. Here are some fun facts that she learned!

In the last 60 Seconds there were:

293,000 Facebook Status Updates

433,000 Tweets Sent

5 Million Videos viewed on YouTube

67,000 images uploaded to Instagram

Generational Info

When we think of Facebook, traditionally people think its all about the "kids"  who use it, but in reality we are talking to real consumers on Facebook because the Average Facebook User Age is 40.5 years old.

Twitter User Average Age is 39 years old.

Social Media Goals:

"Get Up, Log On. Start Talking."

You have to invest time to make it work.

Position yourself as a vital resource for those who engage in you.

Help People.

Pay Attention.

Give Advice.