Eby and The Air Boss

Kathy Eby assisting husband Gale Rawitzer, Air Boss, for the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) Fly-in on May 16th. Pictured with Eby and Rawitzer are Yuichi Takagi, Pilot and Jeff Ebey, FAA just before Yuichi's performance in his Pitts S-2S high-performance aerobatic airplane.

Yuichi is the only Japanese pilot flying air shows in the United States. Eby and Rawitzer were thrilled to assist him in his first official aerobatic performance at the AOPA Fly-in.

Even though this was his first official air show, Yuichi Takagi has been a flight instructor since 2000 at legendary aerobatic pilot Sean Tucker's Tutima Academy in King City, CA and has logged in 6,200 hours of flight time including 2,200 hours of aerobatic instruction.

As an Air Boss, Rawitzer takes control of the airport and air space during an air show. Each day before air show performances, Eby and Rawitzer facilitate an FAA-required safety briefing with pilots and emergency services.

In addition to Eby's passion facilitating Sales, Catering, Customer Service, Leadership workshops, and project consulting for MCA, she also loves air shows traveling the U.S. and Internationally assisting her Air Boss husband


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