The Steaks Have Been Raised

Once again, Master Connection Associates blazes the trail for fine dining establishments everywhere. Cindy and Lefty Novotny and their established restaurateur partner Dave Hanna own the premier southern Orange County restaurant, Hanna’s Prime Steak. With a newly restyled menu on the horizon, Hanna’s is redefining culinary innovation and their guests are loving it. Hanna’s is nestled in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, and is the leader in American Prime Steakhouse cuisine, giving a classic and traditional flair to foodies from all over the country. Cindy, Lefty and Dave Hanna have built a game-changing restaurant with a deeply rooted passion for extraordinary customer service tied with top of the line culinary expertise. Executive Chef Christian Dortch and General Manager Mandy Graniere seamlessly demonstrate the “Hanna’s spirit” everyday and lead the staff to new heights. From the moment the doors are open for you at your arrival, you know you are experiencing something special.

Today, Hanna’s is consistently recognized for its unparalleled and leading edge dining experience. Since doors opened in 2005, Hanna's has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including, but not limited to; Best New Restaurant in Orange County, Best Restaurant & Chef, Best in Service, Neighborhood Gem and Top 100 U.S. restaurants by Open Table. Hanna's success is not only a direct result of their avant-garde principles, but thanks to the reputation of using only the finest and highest quality ingredients available. Striving to buy the freshest and highest-grade products out there allows Hanna’s to change its menu on a seasonal basis, providing guests a new and exciting exhibition of delectable creations year round.

As a leader in the community, Hanna’s is constantly trail blazing new food/beverage trends with an always-evolving menu and wine selection. By incorporating only the most exclusive products in the world, Executive Chef Christian Dortch has outdone rivals with his new modern twist on the classics. His mantra for the new menu is “Simplistic yet Sophisticated” and aims to break down common ingredients and prepare and pair them in a way that allows for the best flavors and textures to be experienced.

Christian has worked for Hanna’s for over four years and recently studied with world renowned chef, Curtis Stone, inspiring him to restyle the Hanna’s menu and keep Hanna’s the pacesetter for all things fine dining. His passion for culinary headway and service excellence embody the spirit of Hanna’s and put the pressure on for restaurants everywhere.

To all of you out there, the steaks have been raised!

By: Juliette Guerry

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