Millennials Are Shifting the Workplace Environment by Suzanne McIntosh

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"Millennials are shifting the workplace to a collaborative environment which is
creative, innovative and beneficial to any organization. Collaboration is second nature to these digital natives. They grew up in a connected world. You will see these newest arrivals into the work space constantly texting, messaging, trading content, exchanging documents and sharing experiences through all social media platforms.
The new workforce knows and needs collaboration and feels empowered to collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Look at the proliferation of shared workspaces such as WeWork and Neuhouse. Membership in private clubs are a social must…just look at the expansion of SoHo House worldwide. Millennials are comfortable in communal shared living spaces as seen in success of FreeHand and WeLive.
Traditionally successful leadership had a top down management style. This is evolving into a collaborative approach that empowers employees and blurs the lines between leader and team members. Team building, group creative thought and sharing of ideas are replacing the traditional forms of corporate management. Successful leaders today are not threatened by allowing their team members to take ownership of ideas and drive results. They encourage brainstorming and see the benefit of the unique perspectives of their team. The ideas and input of the leaders and their colleagues have equal value.
As in the corporate environment, small business owners are becoming more collaborative. We GenXer’s and Baby Boomers can learn from our Millennials in driving the success of our businesses. We grew up in a work environment that cautioned us to keep our client base, methods and processes proprietary. Confidentiality was the key to driving our success. We were careful about what we shared and we kept information proprietary.
As I build my business, I believe the key to my success will be collaboration and sharing of information and expertise. I seek out like-minded companies who conduct their businesses with similar values and approach to client service. I also believe that my clients will benefit from this collaboration. They will have access to services that offer more than my capability. Together we are stronger and offer more value and expertise.
The sales teams in my previous roles have benefited from amazing sales training led by Master Connection Associates. My clients looking for training are referred to Cindy Novotny and her team. I am thrilled to be teaming McIntosh Human Capital Management up with MCA."
Article by: Suzanne McIntosh