2016 Testimonials!

WOW - MCA has been off to a fantastic start of 2016! With the launch of a new website and new training material, we wanted to share some of the amazing feedback we have received from attendees. Below are just a few. We can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings!

Dear Cindy,

I wanted to thank you and Mary for allowing me to attend the training sessions you hosted last week for senior sales professionals.  I really enjoyed learning how Senior Sales Directors can be successful in today's world. You bring such an energetic, vibrant presence to the sessions and give "training" a whole new meaning. Someday, I hope to work for an organization that hires you to train so I can learn from you again. 

Also, I greatly appreciate you setting aside time in your schedule to speak to the Club for Hospitality and Tourism (CHAT) at the College of Charleston. You were one of the best guest speakers we have ever hosted. Everyone was blown away hearing about your career path and left the meeting inspired. I am looking forward to following your blog and videos as you continue to make a difference in companies all around the world. 

Thank you again for these positive, memorable experiences. I hope you are enjoying your ski trip!

Best Regards,


Mary - Thank you very much for such a re-energizing few days in Charleston. The training was very productive. I am already putting practices I learned into place - asking for the business, negotiating, fitting in new business development.

- Amy