MCA Trainer Spotlight on Mary Hanna

For those of you know or don't know her, this is Mary Hanna, one of our loved and incredible road warriors! Here are some fun facts about Mary!

• Where were you born?

"Newport Beach, CA"

• What kind of music do you listen to?

"I like to listen to Spotify playlist - usually when I am exercising I like to listen to anything upbeat!"

• What do you love about your job as a Trainer for MCA?

"Helping others learn and reach their goals. I love when someone says during or at the end of a workshop how impactful it was and shares the changes they will make to their daily routine. When someone emails or send a message after a workshop explaining how they implemented the tools we discussed and it worked."

• What is a professional goal of yours?

"I’m actively working to advance my career be generating new business opportunities for MCA. Continue to encourage the participants of our workshops to change their behavior and do something differently because our tools got the participants thinking differently. Continue to increase my knowledge in the industries we train in, keep up with industry trends and learning & development best practices."

• What is a personal goal of yours?

"Run a marathon if I can ever commit to it!"

• What’s the funniest/strangest thing that has happened while training a workshop?

"This is a hard question. One time a gentleman came into the meeting room at the beginning of the day. He found his seat with his name card (Steve). After a few minutes into the workshop, another “Steve” walked in late. The first person that was sitting in the workshop was in the wrong meeting room and didn’t know it! Everyone got a good laugh."

• Tell us one thing about you, that no one would expect.

"I do not like to fly because I get motion sickness but I am on plane every week. I have also been skydiving!"