Luxury is not a trend - Cindy Novotny

Cindy Novotny is featured on The Bridal Circle's website again for her new article which you can find here:

"It is not about a fad, a trend or the next coolest thing.  It is about always striving to deliver the best at every moment." - Cindy Novotny

#TBT By Pam Jordan

Join us as we travel back in time with one of our expert trainers, Pam Jordan as she shares some of the ‘stories’ of life on the road from 25 years ago for our TBT. 1. Sleeping in her 2 bedroom hotel suite she hears a loud pounding on the door – gets up, asks who it is and the couple outside with the bellman say, we are overbooked and these people need to sleep in the other bedroom of the suite.  Wow…what does she do? What we always do as hotel professionals – put on some lipstick and welcome them in!

2. Sharing a limo back to the airport with another trainer and some participants, the driver has a stroke and passes out going 65 miles/hour down the freeway.  Pam jumps into the front seat and takes over the wheel to save the day.  No kidding, we rise to the occasion in all situations!

3. During a training session in Chicago many years, Pam has the entire class in the hotel restaurant when all of a sudden a completely naked women wildly dances into the restaurant with Chicago Police on her tail.  Pam did what all MCA trainers do – Pam threw her a table cloth to cover up with and said to the group – lunch is over!

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