HSMAI Orange County Chapter: Members Wanted!

A letter from Jessica Owens, & Jessica Novotny, 2014 Co-President Elects, HSMAI OC Chapter We are very excited to take the HSMAI Orange County chapter to the next level.  Years ago this chapter was one of the most dynamic and aggressive chapters in the country, and over the years due to the economy, pressure from owners, and the abundance of other organizations, our chapter has not grown. However, your participation and expertise will spark our chapter!

There is a real demand for productivity improvement in the hospitality industry and we need everyone to get on board.  This association is all about improving the position of anyone working in the hospitality/travel industry. We need to be partnering with other associations and need to continue to drive the education of sales and revenue management training and development through HSMAI.

Our small group of current board members needs your help in identifying and connecting to a wider pool of potential board and committee members. That’s why we are turning to you!

We very much hope you can join us and become a significant player in our future.   We look forward to hearing from you regarding your involvement or recommendations for others that you feel would be great working with us.  There’s no expected commitment from you immediately.  We need to get more members and expand our network.

Cindy Novotny, Managing Partner of Master Connection Associates will be providing HSMAI Orange County members, quarterly sales webinars for those who join HSMAI before the end of 2013 along with the member who sold the membership.

We are recruiting with passion and power and can’t wait to talk to all of you.  Feel free to call either of us with any questions.

Thank you in advance for whatever help you might be able to lend.


Jessica Owens, & Jessica Novotny, Co-Presidents HSMAI Orange County Chapter