What a fun week in Roanoke, Virginia!! Stacey and Marcia had a wonderful time working with such a fantastic group of passionate sales professionals, presenting the fundamentals of selling that infuse the curation of transformational experiences! 

"the Best Sale Productivity Class ever!!!!!"

"I had a great time in our Sales Productivity sessions!  Very informative!!!"

"Thanks for a great week of sales training! I can’t wait to see you all again soon!!" 

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Testimonial and Quote from Gerardo Leiva

“ I have worked at the US Bank Tower Building for 25 years.  I attended a great customer service class 25 years ago and it continues to work to this day.  'Depend On Me' gave me customer service skills that I am still using after all these years.  I am so glad that I took the training early on as it has helped me through all these years do my job better.  Thank you Master Connection Associates and Cindy Novotny and Pam Jordan.”

- Gerardo Leiva (Day Porter Supervisor | Able Services (10 Years) | ABM Services (15 Years)


We take our client's feedback very seriously here at MCA.  It makes us so incredibly pleased knowing that participants from prior workshops still use what we taught them even after all these years.  We are here to motivate, inspire and give people the tools they need in order to succeed in a business world.  Thank you Gerardo for your kind words!  #teamMCA


MCA Works the Room at IACC Connect 2018!

Cindy Novotny and Stacey Geyer worked the room at the 2018 IACC Connect Conference.  MCA loves connecting, networking and bringing up the energy in every room.