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  • S’mores? Say No More!
    How are you keeping things fresh, creative and fun? Need some ideas on igniting new energy into your meetings or presentations? Well, here are two photos from a “Make Your Own S’mores” station that Kathy Eby just experienced in a workshop!  In this workshop, they got the Banquet Team involved in selling to create an impact. The
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Times and technology have changed, however success is still measured by the productivity, performance and creativity of our specialty – people. Master Connection Associates (MCA) is a worldwide leader providing dynamic business performance solutions for sales, leadership and service excellence delivery. -More- -Contact Us-


MCA Founder, Cindy Novotny talks about her life and her business… Truly Living with no balance and loving it! -Cindy’s Blog- More on Cindy -Cindy’s Bio- Live Webcasts, Podcasts or Cindy Live on location! -Contact Us- Cindy named as one of the Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing! -Read more- Watch Capitol Auto Group, an MCA Customer and recipient of the #1 Best Company to Work For in Oregon award, on their “Road to Remarkable”  -Play Video-    

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