Hospitality Industry gurus, Horst Schulze, Cindy Novotny and Leonardo Inghilleri have formed a Strategic Alliance to expand the scope of services each provides by forming The Learning Institute. Mr. Schulze and Mr. Inghilleri, best known for creating The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, recognized as the finest service delivery organization in the world. Ms. Novotny is internationally recognized as the preeminent expert in sales and leadership in the hospitality industry. Based on the success working together in the hotel industry and equal success outside the industry, forming The Learning Institute (TLI) alliance was a natural.

The Learning Institute provides consulting and training services to organizations interested in improving performance measurably in Leadership, Service, Sales and Operations/Organizational Development. Specific areas of expertise include Strategic Planning, Total Quality Management and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award consulting.

The Learning Institute believes in the passionate pursuit of excellence and financial success with honor and integrity. These core values create an environment of trust and respect with, and between our clients, partners and associates.


Are you a certified sales executive? MCA has partnered with HSMAI and revamped the Certified Hospitality Sales Executive application and submission process. All MCA team members and facilitators are now CHSE’s. Consider enhancing your skills and career today! Click here for more information.


LHC is the consulting and executive education subsidiary of Ecole Hòtelière de Lausanne (EHL). LHC has designed a variety of hospitality management programmes to keep the industry organisations competitive. These programmes are targeted at progressive middle and senior executives and tackle priority issues in the business environment through various streams such as Leadership & Management, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and strategy.


MCA is excited to partner with McIntosh Human Capital Management who builds high performing teams for successful hospitality focused businesses. They align your company culture from “the ground up”; creating your sales platform concept, goal setting, success measurement, market planning, recruitment and deployment.

MHCM will pair clients and candidates with clearly defined and consistently communicated performance expectations. Leaders are charged with rewarding and holding their talent accountable for achieving your specific business goals, creating innovation and supporting continuous improvement.

McIntosh Human Capital Management works with candidates to find that “perfect fit”. They will understand your career goals and expectations to match you with a company culture where you can thrive, build a rewarding career and make a measurable contribution.

McIntosh approaches team building by perceiving your people as valuable assets and whose value can be measured. Their future contribution can be enhanced through your ongoing investment.

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Dennis Kwan is a traveling professional photographer specializing in headshot photography for corporations nationwide. 

Having worked with celebrities and luminaries from coast to coast, he brings a unique style (and retouching capability!) to headshots for executives and business professionals that allows people to look and feel their best while conveying absolute competence and professionalism.

Corporate clients include: St. Regis Hotels, American Airlines, Mojiva, MTV Networks, MongoDB, Sotheby's Realty, Mixpanel, Denihan Hospitality, Shutterfly and more in shoots ranging from 2 to 2500 employees. 

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Be the brand of choice of the $917 billion LGBTQ market!

Chances are, your human resources policies provide equal benefits for your LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ employees. You may even have inclusive marketing efforts. That's a great start! 

Are your front line employees prepared to deliver on the promise made by your marketing? With 20% of millennials identifying as LGBTQ and 12% as transgender or gender non-conforming (GLAAD 2017), it's imperative to ensure your well-meaning team members don't accidentally offend your customers!

Our LGBTQ sensitivity training is your company's insurance policy against insensitive customer interactions. We've found a way to make these conversations less awkward and uncomfortable and more fun, ensuring your team members leave the training feeling inspired and energized. Because of our candid, practical approach, your team members will have actionable skills and outcomes that will have a profound ripple effect on your guest's experiences and company culture.

Training includes:

  • FLEX: Front Line Employee eXcellence: a 20 minute, 6 video online series, including scripted scenes with actors hosted on your LMS or ours, focused on practical custom service to transgender and other LGBTQ customers. Check out our FLEX trailer here.
  • Excellence in LGBTQ Customer Service aka Your Front Line Risk: How to Prevent a Viral Incident from Sabotaging Your Marketing Spend
  • Over the Rainbow: How to Truly Earn the Business of the LGBTQ Market
  • Gay Wedding Institute certificate course: a full day training on LGBTQ cultural sensitivity, culminating in a discussion of wedding trends, traditions and marketing strategies

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Myrna Plaisir Daramy, the Co-Founder of Mezzohead Media Corporation and the mind behind, the first social media platform for the bridal industry, is honored to partner with MCA to provide training on the following topics:

•    Search Engine Optimization
•    Digital Marketing
•    Digital Analytics
•    Marketing to Millennials
•    Digital Cohesiveness

With over a decade of experience in the luxury lifestyle and bridal industries, Myrna’s natural ability to clarify the blurred lines between technology application and spontaneous creativity is what makes her one of the most insightful digital marketing strategists today.  

Myrna takes pride in helping businesses to peel back the layers of their brand, tinker with technology tools, and return to them an optimized site and digital strategy that performs better than ever before.  With such a rich palette of experience, Myrna has a unique ability to deliver challenging information in a fun, tangible way that empowers businesses to make better insightful decisions that will grow their digital brand.

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The Cocktail Architect specializes in  cocktail consultancy and creating custom cocktails  for every type of private social and corporate event. Our clients range from bars, restaurant groups, lifestyle hotels, fortune 500 companies, liquor brands, leading event planners and celebrities. With our team of expert mixologists , we are zealous about creating the ultimate drinking experience and elevating any bar program to increase brand awareness and maximize profits. 

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Music is the universal language. It will help you emotionally connect with your audience. Since 2003,
leading organizations such as Microsoft, Pfi zer and PwC have called on SongDivision to engage, entertain and educate their people in over 20 countries. Groups from 10 to 10,000+ write and perform original songs with musicians who’ve worked with the likes of Prince and Taylor Swift.

- Teams undertake the challenge of writing original songs with the assistance of an all-star band, then perform them in a ‘battle of the bands’! No musical experience required…
- Perfect for general sessions, your audience will help create a song that captures your program’s key messages.
- Choose from two fabulous programs: “Building A Culture Of Innovation - Communication, Creativity &       Collaboration” or “CSR Storytelling With Songs”.
- Highlight key event objectives whilst putting your attendees’ music knowledge and skills to the test with this fun and interactive activity led by SongDivision’s world class musicians!
- Lip syncing is all the rage, and you haven’t lived until you’ve done karaoke backed by a live band of amazing musicians!
- Whether a party band or DJ, headline act or our unique interactive musical entertainment, SongDivision can take your even to the next level! Ask about our Gala Awards packages...

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Debbie Castillo has more than 25 years of experience specializing in sales, marketing and revenue management in the hospitality industry.  In the Fall 2013, after 14 years with Loews Hotels, serving in Senior Sales & Marketing Executive Leadership positions, Castillo launched a new business venture focused on providing consulting services in the areas that she is most passionate about.  In creating the scope of services, she designed them to be in alignment with her strengths and areas of expertise, to bring the greatest value and return to her clients.  

Driving R.O.I. Inc. serves as an invaluable resource to the hotel owner, asset manager or hospitality management company by providing integrated sales, marketing and revenue enhancing strategic plans designed to drive top line revenues to achieve EBITDA goals and increase asset value.  Primary areas of focus include due diligence and market analysis for new hotel acquisitions, business diagnostic assessments for transiting or under-performing assets, r.o.i. analysis for capital investments and ongoing sales & marketing asset management services.

During her career with Loews, Castillo was responsible for the sales, marketing and revenue management results for a wide variety of assets located in first & second tier cities, suburban markets and destination & urban resorts. Her broad base of experience ranges from creating and executing profit driven strategic/tactical plans for the traditional, straightforward business model to the complex, dynamic multi-segment & multi-channel business model.

This diverse experience combined with her passion for the business, led her to create a business model where she customizes the scope of services for each project to ensure she understands her client’s specific needs and delivers beyond their expectations.  

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Doug Sandler is a nationally recognized speaker and writer with extensive business experience as an entrepreneur and leader. His book, Nice Guys Finish First is a #1 ranked Amazon Best Seller.  As a podcaster, Doug has interviewed Gary Vaynerchuk, Arianna Huffington from HuffPost, Dan Harris from Good Morning America, Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff and dozens of celebs. He specializes in teaching others the "how-to's" of building relationships and strengthening connections.

Doug’s most popular program

(Nice Guys Finish First): 

The organizations that get ahead today understand the importance of building amazing relationships and making personal connections with people. Companies that make people a priority over procedures, putting the customer experience and relationships at the top of the list and valuing people over technology keep customers longer. Successful organizations approach the future with an attitude of high touch over high tech. Doug's program provides stories, lessons, concrete takeaways and action items. The attendee will go beyond finding out why nice people finish first and discover how to be successful using the lessons provided. The program walks participants down a path to becoming a student of Sandler's system: Invest, Inspire and Execute.

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