We integrate repeatable and sustainable standards, processes and procedures to ensure the highest level of service delivery is achieved – on going and self sustaining.

Our process includes:

  • Pre-training assessment

  • Service process consulting

  • Setting service objectives

  • Classroom training

  • Follow up reinforcement

  • Commitment to excellence accountability training to ensure your service improvement objectives are met

The Positive Alternative Series World Class Customer Service Training includes a series of workshops for both management/supervisors and staff. Our workshops are interactive and fun to ensure a great learning experience. Everyone in the organization must understand their role in providing excellent customer service. There is little to differentiate your organization from your competitors. The final frontier, and the very key to your success and survival, is service. Having an enlightened organization willing and able, as well as personally interested and excited, to delight customers is critical to future success.

Key elements included in training:

  • Understanding teamwork

  • Seeing yourself as the customer sees you

  • Meeting customer needs and expectations

  • Why customer service is an objective of management

  • How bad customer service affects the bottom line

  • Overcoming self limitations

  • Customers are our business

  • The objective of customer service

  • Pro-active Empowerment

  • Making customer service work